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or our services, we ask questions and get a clear understanding of what is truly important to you, to what keeps you up at night. We will review your insurance and current financial portfolio to identify any gaps that may exist and see if it will meet your current and future needs. 

Together, we will analyze your situation and find the best fit that matches your needs and budget. If the  plan makes sense to you, we will implement them and  begin to work together. 

​But our relationship has just started. Because our tomorrow's are never the same as our yesterday's. As your insurance situation changes we will work with you over time through annual reviews to make sure our insurance strategy today aligns with the changes of tomorrow; marriage, children, new home, divorce, etc... and it's ability to continue to meet your goals. 

​​​Fernando Guevara

Las Vegas resident since 2005, studied atUniversity of Phoenix and University of Nevada Las Vegas. Financial background include; AIG SunAmerica, Bank of America and MassMutual financial group. He has a passion for helping people protect themselves, their famliy's and their businesses. Whether it be with one or with multiple insurance solutions that financially makes sense.

"With personally witnessing my own realtor go through a disability of her own. Resulting in the unfortunate lost of her real estate practice, and the financial struggle of her and her family" 

That passion grew to a desire to independently help individuals and businesses and found-Guevara-Insurance & Financial Group / United Partners Financial Group to help people protect and plan for what we/people work so hard for before its too late. With the combination of experience, professionalism, and commitment to his community and clients he is able to provide you with the resources you need to make a smart insurance-financial decision. He prides himself in getting to know each individual before recommending a product or service. 


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Our mission is to  build enduring client relationships by providing clients with expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security starting  with a foundation of their lives; with the correct insurance plan to meet their current and future lifestyle. We prefer to build our relationships on the premises of trust and integrity to acquire long term partnerships versus customers. We believe in being a resource to them, their family, and friends beyond the usual insurance professional in the industry. We are involved in their lives and build our business on the friendships we create with our clients. 

As an independent agency we are committed to individually working with you to help you meet all your different insurance and fixed annuity financial needs. Before recommending a product


Our Mission

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