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Thinking of choosing a broker for your insurance and financial needs? There are many of choices in the market and we understand that with most agencies you get one company that provides one brand of insurance. With and independent agency like United Partners Financial Group you get options that equal a solution. 

Wondering why? Because with independent agencies, like United Partners Financial Group (UPFG) we represent a number of different insurance companies, and we are able to compare solutions that can fit your individual or business circumstances. 

Why Choose an Independent Agent? 

from United Partners Financial Group

Our primary goal is to provide clients with a strategic insurance and financial structure that protects your family, or ability for business owners to offer group benefits to your valued employees at a lower affordable cost. The health products we choose are designed to meet and exceed the minimum requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to eliminate the employer and individual mandates.  Plans are also carved with ancillary and indemnity products that will make your employee benefit plan help retain and recruit employees. 

Insurance is the language of the Practical Life