Because unexpected legal questions  appear  everyday, we believe everyone deserves legal protection. United Partners Financial Group trust and recommends one resource, and partnered with Legal Shield.

With Legal Shield by your side, you'll have access to a top-local-quality law firm 24/7 for covered legal situations.

Have you ever had to do any of the following: 

  • Received a Moving Violation?
  • Needed Your Will Updated?
  • Been Overcharged for a repair or paid an unfair bill?  
  • Had Trouble with a Warranty or Defective Product?
  • Had Concerns with Child Support?
  •  Signed a Contract?

Equifax Breach Quick Facts due to personal identifiable information that was exposed from mid-May to July of 2017, including: 

  • Birth dates 
  • Social Security Numbers 
  • Addresses
  • Driver's License Numbers 
  • Credit card numbers

Did you know that according to a study from the U.S. Department of Justice, 143 Million Americans are potentially affected and at risk for identity theft? That's about 44% of the population!

A recent Equifax breach is a reminder that identity theft is beyond your control and can lead to exposure of your personal information. That is why we believe everyone does deserve identity theft protection, and every year 10 million American have their identity stolen. *

With Legal Shield's ID Shield you have access to dedicated and experienced licensed private investigators to ask questions and get help for concerns of identity theft / fraud. Including: 

  • Privacy Monitoring 
  • Security Monitoring 
  • Consultation when you need it
  • Full Services Restoration of your identity 

Legal Services Include:

  • Legal Advice on Personal Legal Issues
  • Letters / Calls on Your Behalf
  • Contracts & Documents Reviewed (up to 15 pages)
  • Lawyers Prepare your Will, your Living Will Health Care Power of Attorney

and much more... 


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