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compliant employee group Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), Minimum Value (MV) plan offer carved with Level-Funded Major Medical healthcare plans and optional supplemental ancillary health benefits. We provide multiple options and solutions, while increasing employer's retention and recruitment as it's main purpose. 

​We work with families and individuals and before recommending a product or services we ask questions and get a clear understanding of your need. We will review your current plan and identify any gaps that may exist.


Lastly, we will analyze your situation and find the best fit that matches your needs and budget. If the  plan makes sense to you, we will implement them and  begin to work together. 

​But our relationship has just started. Because our tomorrow's are never the same as our yesterday's. As your insurance situation changes we will work with you over time through annual reviews to make sure our insurance strategy today aligns with the changes of tomorrow; growth of business, marriage, children, new home, divorce, etc... and it's ability to continue to meet your goals. 

​​​​​​​​​​​Fernando Guevara 

President | Insurance Broker 

​​​​​​​Our Story

 "With personally witnessing a close friend go through a disability of his own. Resulting in the unfortunate loss of his real-estate practice and his family's financial struggle. That experience alone made me realize how important my role is in the community and industry" - ​Fernando Guevara

After learning from previous employers, that passion grew to independently help business owners, brokers and individuals by offering alternative solutions and found United Partners Financial Group, LLC. 


Nevada  #869185

California #0i27696 ​​

To be an alternative offbeat agency in the market with the objective to offer revolutionary employee group benefits to businesses, broker partners, and families in the community, at a competitive rate to our clients in an ever changing industry. 

As an independent agency  we are committed to individually working with businesses, brokers, families and individuals.

With business owners and brokers we will structure an Affordable Care Act (ACA)


Our Mission